Office accessories 9-5 looks that work

Nobody wants to look like Tess from Working Girl pre make over strutting around the office so Betty + Biddy have compiled some simple office accessory rules that you now need to live by in your 9-5 life. 

1. Simple studs are always a winner

You want to enhance your work look not over exaggerate it.

Adding a small bit of stud sparkle can make all the difference to a formal outfit.

These studs below are easy to wear and add an nice pop of colour as well. 

2. Keep the noise down

Clinging bracelets and jingling necklaces are NOT our friend in work. Nobody wants to sit beside Mary whose bracelets won't stop whacking off the computer keys.

Set aside the heavy arm candy.

If you do have an obsession with bracelets, simple drawstring can be work friendly like the items below.

3. Statement Style

Statement necklaces that work for 9-5 looks are the demure and classy kind.

Pearls are always a banker and give off a very "I know what I'm doing here" persona.

The items below work best with round neck tops and open v-blouses. 

4. It's a Ring Thing

You're more than likely going to be staring at your hands on the computer keys for 90% of your working day so might as well spice up the paws a little bit.

Adding a chunky statement ring cause give a nice effect to any work look.

Also handy if you want to punch someone in the face Tuesday afternoon (don't do this, but the ring should give a nice indent if you do decide to get physical) 

5. Show some personality 

These nuggets might be saved for spectacular days like "Casual Fridays" were it's actually more of an effort to plan an outfit.

Casual outfits can always pop with a statement earring as long as they don't cause injury every time you pick up the phone.

Here are some classic statement earrings that can make an outfit pop. 

6. After work parties

Too lazy to bring two outfits to work for the after work drinks? We hear ya.

Whack one of these statement necklaces on a blouse/tee/jumper as you swipe out the door and get ready to be center of attention for all the right reasons. 


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