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Rock your Ruffle

We are rocking ruffles this week with some statement earrings. We hunted down some ravishing ruffles and teamed them up with some of our fav statment newbies. 
Opaques are always a winner but we find they set black outfits apart from the rest. If you own anything black and it happens to have a ruffle - whack an opaque on it.
These cute ruffle jumpers are all over the high street but this diddly from oasis is the perfect tone for spring. A dusky pink teamed with some drop statement earrings are just what you've been waiting your whole damn life for. Hints of dusky in the circle will have you shielding off the compliments. 
One is a splurge and one is a saver. Whatever happens this light blue has us swooning. Whether you're adding a splash of bold colour like our yellow tassels or a more muted tone like our Adrianna earrings, we'd invest pale blue number to see you through spring. 
2. blue
If you are looking to make a statement this season, a bright bold colour will help you achieve it. A hint of a ruffle along the shoulder teamed with a blue and orange statement earring. Oh yes please, we'll take one for Betty and one for Biddy. 
Betty and Biddy had a mini heart attack when they lobbed eyes on this nugget. The masses will surely adore as well. We shall be running to a Zara store as soon as the morning hits to pick up this little one. We've matched it up with our blue and white statement earrings.

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