Styling that little LBD

First things first, we always need a casual LBD in the closet. A simple slip LBD can translate to so many looks. We always team casual looks with simple accessories like our layered delicate chains. They create an effortless and chic look. Whack a denim jacket on and your ready to walk on to your movie set.  


When we have the weekend fever, nothing suits our mood more than a tassel earring. Bell sleeve LBD's are pretty perfect for weekend wears. Team it with a flat ballet pump or cute loafer and you're owning the look.

When its time to be traditional and ya gotta cover up the bazookas, a high round necklace is spot on. Add a statement round necklace to set off the look at give yourself a little glam edge. 


Night time LBD's can be taken to the next level with accessories. BIG and BOLD aims to knock that LBD to vampy levels. Daring statement earrings will take you there and Ashely and Adalaide are the monochrome miracles to do it. 

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