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Geometric statement earrings, the perfect quirky edges to any lobe. Add some sparkle to your style with mod earrings and cool hoops. A real geo statement coming in gold and silver. 

This collection is designed to blend with your persona in a way that will leave everyone around you spellbound with awe. It's fashionable, trendy and unique. With a diverse range to choose from - Gold (Zinc) Geometric Earrings to Twisted Hoop Earrings, our jewellery presents itself with the perfect choices to add to your bling collection! Geometric Earrings are perfect for occasions where you want to add an extra tinge of glam to your look without overdoing it. These are futuristic and cool to wear both in the daytime and night. From girls night to a fun gathering with friends, pair these up with dresses, jumpsuits and more for an unforgettable fashion statement.