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Learn to Layer: Betty's Basics on how to layer your chains

It's no secret that Betty and Biddy are fans of layering gold necklaces. We adore adding in different lengths,textures and styles to create bold layering looks. We follow a simple format which always achieves the best layering edit. 

1. Your Basic Base

When choosing your base necklace, it is always best to go for something plain and classic. Betty believes in classic basics like the rope necklace, which comes in four sizes now so you can choose the right size necklace for you. Our particular fav is the chunky rope necklace in 4mm Another classic is the paperclip necklace which ranges in sizes from extra small links to large links. Do not be afraid to go large as these can be worn on their own for a subtle statement. The paperclip medium is a perfect mix of size and style. The last in our Basic Betty pick is the flat curb chain, this necklace is the perfect gold layering chain. It lays flat on the skin so aids the layers and creates a beautiful visual. 

gold layering necklaces

2. Your Middle Layer
The middle layer will be your gold statement necklace. Adding in a chunky style can be the highlight point of the layer. Focus and attention is always on the middle layer so necklaces with pendants, discs and charms work perfect here. 
We adore the layering effect of the Athena Coin Necklace which is a gold engraved coin set on a t-bar figaro necklace. Another statement coin necklace would be our square toggle chain which is set on a classic gold curb chain. For a much softer and subtle middle layer, any of our arc pendants are perfect. The arc and medallion cross will slot in nicely to the layered look. 

gold layering necklaces

3. The Long Layer

The long layer will be your finishing touch to your layered look. Our delicate range of necklaces that come in a length of 19 inches will be perfect. From our singapore chain, to our beaded chain and onto our little link gold chain. The long necklace should be petite in style and simple so as to not over complicate the look. Thin styles necklaces work best here. 

gold layering necklaces

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