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The Irish Collection: Everyday Eire by Betty and Biddy

The Everyday Eire collection from Betty and Biddy is a unique and contemporary twist on the traditional Irish and Celtic style jewellery. We designed this range with the aim of making Irish pendants and necklaces chic, stylish and wearable. We wanted our latest range to embody that all day delicate feel so you could take Ireland with you in style. Below are the three favorites we have selected this month to cherish. 

1. Níl luibh ná leigheas in aghaidh an bháis.

Níl luibh ná leigheas in aghaidh an bháis: There is no remedy or cure against the endA sharp quote that serves to remind us that we only live once. We are only here to visit this one time and we must make the most of our journey while we are here. Start that book, take that trip, leave that job, ask that person out. Try something new and don't be afraid. We only get one shot at this. Our pendant serves to remind you to just do it? What is there to lose? 


Quote necklace
The thing that's seldom is wonderful or as we more commonly know it, what's seldom seen is wonderful. 


A reminder that there is such wonder and joy in the rarest moments.  Now more than ever, this pendant is a nice reminder of the small little memories that mean so much, the rare occasions to hold onto and the special times we we will have in the future and will no doubt cherish so much.

 3Is fada an bóthar nach bhfuil aon chasadh ann

It's a long road that has no turning. Things never go completely smoothly or badly. Your path may have bumps in it but that is just part of the journey. This pendant serves to remind us that there is highs as well as low but small steps each day will get you there. 


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