About us

Betty and Biddy are best mates.
Lost as children and raised by magpies, these chicks like shiny, bright and sparkly objects.
It has become their duty and sole purpose in life to bring you some very special, quirky and fresh pieces. We buy in the most fashion forward and trendy pieces for you to style and enjoy. We provide a speedy service for one and all to enjoy these fast accessory trends. 
Betty is a one stop shop jack of all trades, I’m not saying this makes her wonder woman, but it’s worth noting that they’ve never actually been seen in the same place at the same time. Betty also likes to wear blue and red, just saying. 
Biddy is the yang to Betty's ying. Just like Batman's Robin, but better cause she's female and drives her own car. 
Together, these two rogue rascals want to invite you to join them in their bejewelled land and enjoy enhancing yourself with their unique and loved style. 
If you have any queries or questions regarding Betty or Biddy, please do not hesitate to contact us on: info@bettyandbiddy.com