Celebrating PRIDE ♡ Our Fav Colourful Pieces to Wear This June

At Betty&Biddy, we celebrate all things love and all things pride, and this June, its time to honor our LGBTQ+ family, friends and community with what we accessorize with.

Jewellery has always been a medium for personal expression. This pride, make your pieces hold a special memory for yourself, its more than just jewellery, it is a statement of identity and pride.

Let every piece we wear be a testament to love and diversity. Let's explore our colourful collections and bold statement jewellery to perfectly express yourself this June.


Colourful Jewellery

By wearing colourful jewellery, not only are you embracing your pride, but you display your solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community. During Pride, many people enjoy expressing themselves through vibrant accessories that match the celebratory atmosphere.

Pride is not only just a protest, but it is a celebration of joy and acceptance. Wearing bright, colourful jewellery hones in on the festive and light spirit of pride.



Sunshine Huggies

Multi Colour Tennis Bracelet

Carre Green Necklace

Trilogy Mixed Metal Earring

Black and Gold Hoops

Ibiza Hoops



Colourful Huggie Hoops

Dress up your ears with these petite rainbow gems! Our colourful huggie hoops, can be a subtle way to incorporate colour into your outfits, and if you have multiple ear piercings, why not stack to make a rainbow? 

Our colourful huggie hoops are available in both gold and silver~




Gold huggie Hoop - Blue

Gold Huggie Hoop - Green

Gold Huggie Hoop - Red/pink

Celebrate: Multi Coloured Star Hoop





Silver Huggie Hoop - Red

Silver Multi Huggie Hoop

Silver Huggie Hoop - Green

Silver Huggie Hoop - Blue

Silver Huggie Hoop - Black

Silver Diamante Huggie Hoop



Love Necklaces

Wear our heart, not on your sleeve, but around your neck with our love inspired necklaces.

Be it for yourself or for someone special, our chains can be the perfect gift to remind someone of the love they share, as well as the love they should have for themselves this pride.



Love Loves to Love

Grá Star Disc Necklace (also in silver)

Love Bar Necklace

Engraved Heart Necklace



 Enamel Hoops

Our enamel hoops are THE summer statement earring to celebrate all things pride. Add a pop of colour to your ear stack and add in an enamel hoop, they're the perfect earring that embodies vibrancy.



Shop our enamel hoops here~


Each jewellery piece can carry a message. Whether it is a multi colour rainbow bracelet, colourful earrings or a statement necklace, jewellery is a celebration of the self .


To find support in your area, we recommend visiting LGBT.ie to educate yourself on Irish pride and discover their support services.

Wear colour with pride and enjoy your festivities this June 

National LGBT helpline - 1800 929 539




Written by Caoimhe Rose Keegan

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