As the holiday season approaches, the excitement of Black Friday is around the corner, and it's the perfect time to indulge in the world of jewellery.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or seeking that perfect gift for a loved one, this year's Black Friday promises an array of stunning options that you won't want to miss.



1. The November Betty Box


The Betty Box is a collection of curated items that are made to match, layer and love (all for an affordable price).

The November box consists of five items:

- Oval Chunky Link Bracelet

Dome Hoops

Carre White Necklace

Pearl Link Earrings

Circular Crystal Statement in Cream



2. Personalised Jewellery


At Betty&Biddy, we understand the significance of personalization. This Black Friday, immerse yourself in the art of customization. Purchase a piece to reflect your unique style or commemorate a special occasion. From engravings to birthstone accents, we offer a range of options for you to create a truly distinctive and meaningful piece.

Personalize your gift to that special woman in your life, at Betty&Biddy we have our bestselling engraved Irish necklaces to add more sentiment to your gifts.


Deirfiúr Star Disc Necklace

Grá Bar Necklace

Mathair Engraved Bar

Máthair Star Disc Necklace




Initial Necklaces

The Betty and Biddy initial and letter necklace collection is a range of designs to cater to all those who like something a little more personal.

One of the reasons these necklaces are so popular is because they're personal. They represent you as a person. As a result, initial pendants make great gifts for a friend, bridesmaid, partner, mom, or anyone you love and would like a personalized gift.


initial necklace chain gold personalisation


Shop our Initial Necklaces here:



3. Irish Collection


Designed in Ireland by Betty and Biddy.

Our classic and contemporary range allows you to take Ireland with you. Small, dainty and delicate keepsakes as a reminder of this beautiful and darling island. We designed this collection to elevate they style of Irish design in Jewellery and incorporate some of most loved symbols to the next level. Irish design promoted to the next level with feminine details and soft finishes.
Our best selling quote coin necklaces is the most beloved of the range, reminding us of both our native language and terms filled with love and encouragement. We believe in encouraging the promotion of our beautiful island and our historical symbols and quotes. Enjoy this wonderful collection.




Shop our Irish Collection here:



4. Stargazers Collection

A collection of moon and star necklaces for those who are hoping, striving and working towards the best version of themselves. The star gazers, the ambitious, the planners, the adventurers, the seekers and the visionaries around us. Our collection of symbolic pendants reminds you to keep believing in yourself or others.



Shop the Stargazer Collection here:


5. The Evil Eye Collection



The Evil Eye and the Hamsa Hand are both symbols of cultural significance, often associated with protection against negative energies and harm.

The belief in the Evil Eye revolves around the idea that certain individuals have the power to harm or bring misfortune to others by merely looking at them with envy or ill-wishing in their hearts. The Evil Eye is thought to cause harm to the person, their possessions, or their well-being.

The Evil Eye symbol can take various forms, including an eye-shaped amulet or a blue eye charm, and it is still widely used today in many parts of the world.




Shop the Evil Eye Collection here:


Black Friday is the ultimate occasion to explore, discover, and acquire jewelry that embodies beauty, significance, and elegance. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the doors to a world of stunning collections, unparalleled offers, and an unparalleled shopping experience.



Written by Caoimhe Keegan

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