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3 Jewellery Trends we LOVE this Spring

This year, we are embracing Spring with open arms and all the fashion that comes along with it.

At Betty&Biddy, each new season calls for a jewellery refresh.

From mixing metals to statement earrings, lets break down which pieces we are LOVING this Spring.


Pearls Pearl PEARLS



Spring and pearls have something in common, they're both symbols of new beginnings and rejuvenation.

Despite fashion trends constantly changing, pearls always remain a classic staple in many jewelry collections, making them a reliable choice for spring outfits.

At Betty&Biddy, we love pearls as they are incredibly versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from casual to formal wear. They add a touch of sophistication and femininity to spring outfits without appearing overly heavy or extravagant.


displayed above

Baroque Pearl Necklace €24

Pearl and Link Choker was €22.00 now €14

Bridal Mini Pearl Hoop  €18

Bridal Snow Drop Pearl €18

Chunky Round Hook Toggle with Pearl €26

Bridal Three Stone Pearl Bracelet €18



Shop all our pearls here.



Statement Earrings



Statement earrings are perfect for spring because they offer an opportunity to create outfits with personality and make a bold fashion statement that captures the essence of springtime style.

Statement earrings provide an opportunity for individuals to showcase their personal style and creativity.

displayed above

Heart Statement Earrings €18

Twilight Moon Hoops €18

Wing Statement Earrings €18

Triple Knot Earrings €18

Flat Curve Hoops €18

Crescent Moon Hoops €18


Shop our Statement earrings here.


Mixed Metals




Mixing metals allows for greater versatility in accessorizing spring outfits.

By combining silver and gold metals, people can create unique outfits that suit their personal style and the occasion.

Mixing Metals breaks away from traditional fashion norms and creates a juxtaposition of different tones and textures, resulting in a more dynamic and visually appealing look.

Displayed above

Mixed Metal - Square €18

Mixed Metal - Double Bar €18

Mixed Metal - Circle €18


Shop our mixed metals here.



Whether you prefer delicate pearls or bold statement earrings that make any outfit pop, there are countless options to choose from with Betty&Biddy for the perfect Spring jewellery pieces.




Written by Caoimhe Rose Keegan

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