Be the Diamond of the Season: Our Favourite Bridgerton Inspired Pieces

Dearest Gentle Reader... With the release of season 3 of our favourite show, Bridgerton, we're taking inspiration from the 'ton's' style and showcasing our favourite Bridgerton inspired jewellery pieces.


Edwina's personal style screams royal. As she wants to make a good impression in London, she wears soft colours but definitely makes a statement with the jewellery she picks for herself. She decorates herself in dazzling diamante chokers and long diamante drop earrings.


Bridal Trio Heart Earrings

Bridal Crystal Leaf Earrings


On the day of her wedding she wears a drop earring with a small pearl. For centuries, brides often wear pearls due to symbolic purposes, as well as aesthetic appeal. Their classic look ensures they remain fashionable across generations.


Bridal Gem Crystal Pearl Ball



Kate Sharma tends to add more vibrancy to her jewellery pieces in comparison to her sister, her pieces are toned down as it is not her goal to find herself a husband like Edwina. She dresses herself in coloured diamante necklaces, subtly nodding to her Indian heritage.


Baguette Necklace

Multi-Colour Tennis Bracelet


Season 3 introduces the ton to the newest Bridgerton daughter, Francesca. Francesca's style is simple, and does not take a risk in her dress as she is only being introduced. Her way of dress is quiet, completely matching her personality. She adorns herself in classic diamante necklaces and pearls, a drop earring being a repeated staple in her wardrobe.

Francesca sporadically throws pearls into her outfits, adding a touch of effortless glamour. Adding pearls to your look creates a classy, refined and timeless look that screams regality as they are a symbol of clean wealth.


Bridal My Always Pearls

Bridal Silver Pear Teardrops


Season 3 is revolved around our favourite Irish Gal, Nicola Coughlan, and rightfully so. With the transformation of Penelope's wardrobe, her hair and new way of dress steals the show, however, she compliments her bold new look with subtle diamante jewellery.


Bridal Teardrop Cut Earring

Bridal Floating Diamante Necklace



Our favourite pieces for any Bridgerton lover, is our bee collection. The bee symbol is seen throughout season 2, as it signifies a defining moment in the relationship between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma.



Celebrate: Bee all you can be

Bee Necklace - Gold

Bee Necklace - Silver

Our Bee pendants are set on a delicate beaded chain, making it the perfect piece for everyday wear, as well as the perfect gift for Bridgerton fans.


We're excited to see what the second half of season 3 has in store, and we can't wait to take further jewellery inspiration from the ladies of the 'ton'.

Would you like to make a royal statement this season? Shop our Bridgerton Inspired pieces here.


Written by Caoimhe Rose Keegan
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