Hoop Earrings : The Essential In Your Wardrobe

Hoop Earrings : The Essentials You're Gonna Need

Hoop earrings are a modern-day jewellery classic – the perfect transitional jewel for day-to-night dressing.

While a sparkly, statement earring can be the perfect finishing touch for an understated outfit, sometimes you just can’t beat a hoop – particularly a gold hoop. Simple, elegant and versatile, they are the hardest-working jewellery piece you can add to your accessory arsenal, whether you’re heading to the office or attending festive cocktails.

Decade after decade, hoop earrings look equally fresh and timeless, whether it’s laundry day or your wedding day. There’s no going wrong with a classic, classy hoop earring. 

Here we list out the best hoop earrings you can add to your wardrobe this season to elevate your looks. Whether day or night, office or cocktails. This list is your essential hoop go to.

Chubby hoops

Chunky hoops with an exaggerated silhouette will always feel modern. They are made with a wider and thicker curve hoop which creates a subtle statement in your hoop earring. Think of a power block hoop earring? A subtle way to create impact to any outfit. 

 We have three options to choose from depending on how brave you feel? 

chubby hoops

block hoops


Huggie Hoops

Huggies earned their name by the way they cuddle the ear lobe.  If you have multiple piercings up the lobe, huggies allow you to style up a quirky combination of small hoops for maximum impact, so consider mixing your shades of gold and gemstones, while keeping the proportions the same for cohesion. 

We adore adding in charms, textures and twists into an ear huggie stack. For impact, why not try some metal mixing as well. 

Some of our most loved huggies include: huggie hoop gold, our curve huggie hoop and some with a little more detail like our dotted diamante and our drop claw huggie

huggie hoop

huggie hoops


Classic Hoops

Classic gold and silver hoop earrings are a need not a want in every hoop wardrobe. The hardest working jewellery item that can be found the classic hoop earring. Known for its perfect silhouette with a curve base, this style suits all face shapes so can be worn to enhance any outfit and add a little bit of charm. 

classic gold hoops

We have list out our classic hoop earrings which have now become our bestsellers in our hoop range

  • The Twilight Hoop which is a trend hoop yet has morphed into a cult classic hoop earring
  • The classic hoop earrings in large which are literally the perfect statement and super lightweight
  • The classic wave hoop earrings provides both a classic look with a small bit of texture in the mix. 

Textured Hoops

If a classic hoop is little underwhelming for you, there is always an option to add in some texture. Texture brings to life a hoop earring and can add in a little personality for you. 

Some of our most loved textured hoops are subtle yet striking.

  • A smaller hoop with a soft touch of texture is the beloved chunky melted hoop.
  • Adding in some dimension brings a hoop earring to life like our triple layering hoop earring
  • Add some statement with your hoop can elevate from day to night, just try our geometric wrap hoop

 triple layer hoop

melted chunky hoop

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