5 Collections that are Perfect for Prezzies

Among the many joys the season brings, one of the most delightful yet daunting tasks is choosing the perfect gifts for our loved ones.


The pursuit of finding that ideal present—something thoughtful, meaningful, and cherished—can be a journey filled with excitement and, at times, a touch of uncertainty.


Join us as we delve into the magic of selecting the perfect Christmas gift, turning the challenge into an opportunity for heartfelt connection and the joy of giving. After all, the most meaningful presents often aren't just objects but reflections of our love and understanding for those we cherish.



Irish Collection

irish collection gold jewellery ireland


Designed in Ireland by Betty and Biddy. Our classic and contemporary range allows you to take Ireland with you.


Small, dainty and delicate keepsakes as a reminder of this beautiful and darling island. We designed this collection to elevate they style of Irish design in Jewellery and incorporate some of most loved symbols to the next level. Irish design promoted to the next level with feminine details and soft finishes.


Our best selling quote coin necklaces is the most beloved of the range, reminding us of both our native language and terms filled with love and encouragement. We believe in encouraging the promotion of our beautiful island and our historical symbols and quotes. 



gold irish necklaces bettyandbiddy jewellery chain

Shop the Irish Collection here~


Zodiac Collection


zodiac collection gold jewellery necklaces


By wearing a necklace that represents their zodiac sign, people feel a sense of connection with the celestial entities that govern their lives. In astrology, a sign of the zodiac refers to one of 12 specific constellations of the zodiac that the sun passes through.


Wearing jewelry that symbolizes their zodiac sign can feel like a personalized and meaningful adornment.


Gifting zodiac jewelry can be a thoughtful and personal way to show someone that you understand and appreciate their personality traits and preferences, making it a popular choice for gifts.



zodiac astrology jewellery gold jewellery


Shop the Zodiac Collection here~


The Stargazers Collection



Our beloved star necklaces from Betty and Biddy. A bespoke collection designed in house to cater to all those who adore carrying a little star with them. Ranging from single star pendants to multi star chains. Each star is set on a range of classic betty and biddy chains.


Worn as a symbol of hope and guidance, they are worn as a reminder to stay patient and trust the journey.



Shop the Stargazers Collection here~


Celebrate Collection

We want to celebrate all your moments. Welcome to our Celebrate Collection.


A line of accessories to celebrate you and those that you love. Elegant, subtle and simple designs to be worn every day. Our highest quality to date, this is a sterling silver line with 18 carat gold plating.


Each item is packed into a velvet style jewellery bag along with our newest coral gift bags, a thick ribbon to polish off the look.


celebrate gold quality jewellery silver


Shop the Celebrate Collection here~


Initial Necklaces



The Betty and Biddy initial and letter necklace collection is a range of designs to cater to all those who like something a little more personal.

One of the reasons these necklaces are so popular is because they're personal. They represent you as a person. As a result, initial pendants make great gifts for a friend, bridesmaid, partner, mom, or anyone you love and would like a personalized gift.

From side initial necklaces, to chunkier block letters and petite initial letters, this range aims to cater to all who want either their own initial or a reminder of a loved one



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Written by Caoimhe Keegan

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