The Twilight Hoops - 5 Ways to Wear

 The Twilight Hoops

The Twilight Hoops, there's a reason why they are one of our bestsellers...

These chunky hoops have become a versatile and popular accessory that can effortlessly complement a wide range of everyday outfits. Chunky hoops, due to their size and bold design, serve as a statement piece. They draw attention and can elevate even the simplest outfits, adding a touch of personality and style.


Here are several reasons why chunky hoops are often considered a go-to choice for daily wear:



♡︎ Hoop earrings, in general, have a timeless appeal. Chunky hoops, with their larger size, provide a modern twist on a classic style. This blend of classic and contemporary elements makes them suitable for various fashion preferences and age groups.


♡︎ Hoops, especially chunky ones, frame the face beautifully. They draw attention to the wearer's features and can complement different face shapes. This framing effect contributes to an overall polished and put-together appearance.


♡︎ Chunky hoops have the versatility to transition seamlessly from day to night. They can add a touch of glamour to daytime casual outfits and continue to shine in the evening, making them a practical accessory for those with busy schedules.


♡︎ The boldness of chunky hoops allows wearers to express their personal style and make a fashion statement. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a bolder, trendier look, chunky hoops can adapt to your style.


♡︎ Chunky hoops are easy to pair with different clothing items. They can complement everything from T-shirts and jeans to dresses and blazers, making them a versatile accessory that effortlessly enhances various outfits.


R.N - Verified Customer
I love these hoops! Reminds me of the bottega earrings. Its the right amount of chunk & the right colour of gold & texture. Absolutely amazing value for money. Looks really high end & brilliant quality for such an affordable price. Highly recommend as a bottega dupe.




Anne Marie Doyle - Verified Customer

I love these earrings. Not too heavy and so on trend




Sarah Lou - Verified Customer

Lovely and light



Hazel - Verified Customer

Fast delivery, gorgeous chunky earrings


Fee - Verified Customer
High Impact Hoops
These hoops really bring the wow factor to your silver jewellery game. They look very classy with all hairstyles and I think they would suit all ages. I bought these to go with my summery silver pieces but I can see them being a favourite for all year round. They are very light in weight and therefore very comfortable to wear.
In essence, the combination of their bold design, versatility, and ability to frame the face makes chunky hoops a fantastic choice for everyday wear, providing wearers with an easy and stylish way to enhance their overall look.
Available in Gold and Silver
Photos and styling by In the Edit
Written by Caoimhe Keegan
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